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Quality Landscaping

Quality you can count on!

Nice & Neat Lawn Care, LLC provides landscape/lawn care maintenance that is more than just mowing the lawn.  We specialize in proving professional lawn care maintenance and transformation services.  We are dedicated to quality work and excellent customer service.


We provide service for both seasonal and year round customers that are both residential and commercial.  We offer many different services that we customize to your lawn. We will meet with you upon initial contact and work out a plan that is right for you.  We can simply maintain your lawn to look pristine, or we can set out a plan on how to transform your lawn into exactly what you are looking for.


You will see us working on your lawn with professional equipment.  It ranges from large commercial mowers to smaller push mowers, all depending on the property.  We also use professional edgers, weed eaters, hedge trimmers and blowers.  This way we are able to guarantee a quality service.

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